How to use K917

K917 comes in an easy to use hand held aerosol spray format and requires no formal training for use. Simply follow the instructions below remembering to try and stay calm at all times.

  • 1Be prepared – make sure you know where the spray is and that you can reach it easily
  • 2Stay calm
  • 3Direct the spray nozzle at the misbehaving dog’s muzzle
  • 4When the dog is within 3-5 metres press the nozzle for as long as is necessary – ensuring a 'haze' of the contents is between you and the dog, ideally at the head height of the dog
  • 5On entering the 'haze' the dog will become disorientated and distracted – and quickly withdraw
  • 6Repeat use as necessary until the misbehaving dog withdraws

WARNING: Use the K917 Training Device safely. Always read the label and product information before use.